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SafePhone platform enables secure centralized management of the vast majority of modern mobile device and all existing mobile platforms.

Password policies

Locking mobile devices or wipe devices data when devices are forgotten or stolens

Access control to recording and data transmission interfaces (USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, microphone)

Security policies configuration – side-loading locking, backup corporate data prevention and so on

Ensuring mobile devises compliance including root / jailbreak detection

Managing connectivity – Wi-Fi, APN


Realization of all common mobile strategies (COBO, COPE, BYOD)

Ensuring mobile devises compliance with security policy including root / jailbreak detection

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SafePhone platform allows to automate the entire life cycle of mobile applications — installing, updating, configuring and uninstalling applications on users’ devices:

Installing applications necessary for work from corporate storage and public stores (Google Play, App Store)

Updating mobile applications with the possibility of downgrade version if the new version is less stable or convenient

Configuring applications — connection settings, user credentials and other parameters defined by the application developer (AppConfig)

Disabling or removing unnecessary applications or services that interfere with work — social networks clients, instant messengers, cloud storage or any other services at your request

Restricting the ability of the user to install and uninstall applications

Configuring digital kiosk mode when only one or a few applications are available


With SafePhone, you can securely separate corporate and personal data on mobile devices. We suggest using the following functions to protect corporate data in this case:

Activating and configuring Android containerization technologies – Android Enterprise work profiles or Knox workspaces

Separation of work and personal content using built-in iOS security policies

  Extending built-in iOS security policies using SafePhone SDK — control access to geolocation, clipboard, camera and gallery


SafePhone platform ensures single corporate policy applying to all user devices – manages smartphones and tablets based on iOS, Android and Aurora, as well as laptops and workstations on Windows 10.

The SafePhone platform manages Internet of Things (IoT) devices — SafeLife smart bracelets designed for health and location monitoring of field workers who are not equipped with smartphones or tablets.


SafePhone platform provides location monitoring mobile devices and SafeLife smart bracelets:

Real time control of the location with recording in the movement log. Ability to play one or more devices motion

Control of visits by mobile employees to individual zones and sections

Recording the deviation from scheduled routes

Policies application based on the mobile device location

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